NBA - M V P - 2017

The 2016 - 2017 performance from Russell Westbrook was truly astonishing and my blowing. Day in & Day out, Week after Week, Russell had fans glued to the television recording his stats along side NBA analyst.  By far the most amazing stat of his career, the season, and the NBA overall was breaking the "Great BIG O" 's Triple Double (regular season) record. Westbrook completed the season with a glorified 42 Triple Doubles. As he accepted his award he thanked his family, friends, fans, and showed true sportsmanship bringing his teammates on stage as well; Stating "It wouldn't have been possible without them". Whom more deserving than Russell Westbrook as your 2017 NBA MVP. 


Russell Westbrook!!

MVP 2017

To: Russell Westbrook

From: The Goat


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From: (JB)

Jordan Brand

To: Russell Westbrook

31 -10- 10


  What An Honor

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