K. Newell

Has anyone ever heard of Kemar Newell or FLIP/Stock X? If not let me introduce you. Kemar is the founder and creator of the FLIP App. FLIP provides the platform to securely and safely generate the transaction of sneaker deals. The service examines fake products, fake sellers, and terminates the idea of a potential physical robbery. Those are three major worries of collectors throughout the industry. The Morehouse Grad began his study at an early age. I can truly relate to his passion. That's right sneakers and technology. 

Sneakers have been a part of my life as long as I can remember. I literally have my cardinal 7's (1992 release) size 8c still in my closet sitting next to 2 deadstock pairs. This is my favorite sneaker, Can you tell? Technology quickly followed that obsession. During my upbringing I was always around computers due to my mother being a teacher. It was the cool after school thing for me next to playing little league sports. At a young age I was fascinated with the possibilities & creations of technology. It was always posed that I should consider that career path. I was always thinking to myself "Yea I like technology, but I could do something bigger". Low & Behold Information Technology is the path I dedicated my undergrad education to.  

Kemar labels his start up as "The ebay for the Snapchat generation".  Users of his creation are majority a younger generation. Speaking from experience I have seen how social media has hyped the sneaker culture by elevating everyone with a few pairs of dope sneakers to a "Sneakerhead" status. It is for that reason I backed out and self-titled myself as a sneaker Influencer/Connoisseur. Not every Jordan, Nike, or Adidas shoe is appealing to me. This is why FLIP & Stock X is such a great tool in my eyes. The service allows me to search a particular shoe and find the best seller for my size and color preference. Similar to ebay I can bid on items posted by different users. The site houses a consistent "Stock Watch" of distinct shoes which analyzes shoe worth, demand, and availability.   

Please give FLIPStock X ,and Kemar Newell a gander!