HYPEBAE - Anna Bediones - @Atothebed

There are many influencers that motivate me and that I follow on my daily feeds. However, my favorite is Anna Bediones.  She is a Nike/Fashion/Health/Urban Culture influencer. Not only does she rep the brand well, the inspirational woman also uses the products accordingly. Queen B as I'm sure someone has called her in her lifetime, gets out there and competes in marathons, daily exercises, and intense group cross training sessions. Anna has a large following on Instagram, accompanied by her crew of female Nike influencers. Swiping to her page I instantly had to follow the group. The Toronto based influencer inspires me daily to do what I love and let the world know at the same time. It would be a complete lie on my part if I didn't admit to hopes of meeting & collabing with Anna Bediones.  

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(Link Attached)


Please checkout the article published in HYPEBAE on Anna or as I say @Atothebed !! 



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