2017 - South X South West - Autsin, TX

If you have never caught wind or experienced SXSW start scheduling your trip now! 

The Conference & Festival occurs annually in Austin, Tx. SXSW serves as geographical platform for individuals, groups, and companies to meet / discuss their perspective industries. The industries include but are definitely not limited to film, fashion, technology, music , media, and overall professional growth. 

In reality, the event itself is almost unbelievable. Everybody whom is anybody was in attendance. Your favorite celebrities and influencers all in one city possibly at your same location.  SavingOurStyle's own Sylvanus Hudson had that experience at his hotel. Vane as he known across the bourbon cultured city of Louisville, Ky, experienced SXSW for the first time this year. He simply describe the week long event as "The place you need to be to make it happen".  His statement makes so much sense. I literally saw nothing but SXSW/Austin post on my social media feed. Vane of S.O.S. has personally invited me to join in the festivities for 2018. In the meantime he has blessed us with a few pics to capture the essence of SXSW. Enjoy.     

Timothy WestSXSWComment