Welcome To TIM's......

A snowy wednesday morning in Kentucky. You know what that means, WAH - Work At Home!! Finally I have time to cook a nice breakfast, sip my coffee and send a ton of pics to my family and friends back home. This is my second "real" winter. Needless to say the Florida kid and snow aren't too cool, << See What I did there lol, maybe not. 

Snow Days are pretty cool not a horrible trade for Hurricane Days. I took full advantage of this day of leisure. Embracing the scenery was definitely first on the list. Can u guess what came next?? BINGO!! The scrumptious plate before you. Next came the entertainment; ESPN's First Take it is. 

Wait, Didn't I say WORK At Home?? Time to get those queries cracking. 

Maybe I Haven't told you but I write SQL. So Home with this essence outside is a great break from the neutral cubical life.  

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