904 - Jacksonville, FL | 850 - Tallahassee, FL | 502 - Louisville, KY

Just a kid from Jacksonville, FL by way of Tallahassee, FL, recently relocated to Louisville, KY. The first question I always get after detailing my residence is, WHY did you leave FLORIDA!?!? Great question I always reply. My main reason for leaving my great Sunshine State is my career. Yes there are many great careers in Florida but guess what they're all "occupied". Occupied by old couples & professionals whom plan to retire and live happily ever after in their Florida beach home. I'll get back one day, Oh how I miss thee.  

Louisville, KY is the land that they gave me. Home to the Greatest Human, Man, and Athlete to ever grace the face of the earth Muhammad Ali. Also the stomping grounds of the Internationally known Kentucky Derby. While in my 12 hour transition from home all I could imagine is myself in an episode of "Little House On The Prairie. Somehow they convinced a Florida Suburban kid, HBCU (FAMU) Graduate, and emerging IT Professional to move to  Louisville, KY. They being one of the leading Health Insurance/ Pharmacy fortune 500 company's. Tough and weird I know!! After a few months I just realized I'm going to Let God work and mold me where he places me. 

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