Its now 2 weeks post NBA All Star / Michael Jordan Birthday weekend. What an epic weekend that sounds like. Unfortunately I have to live these moments through the Instagram profiles of the a - list athletes and influencers in the country. All star weekend has always been on my bucket list. February 2018 may be the moment.  I could use a trip to L.A. However then again when could I not use a trip to L.A. 

I chose to post this pic of His Royal Airness because of the motivation he releases with every hop. No matter what height, size,  or difficulty the GOAT will prosper. Even in my own lane of work MJ pushes me to be the greatest no matter what my status may be. 

This photo was captured @ The Speed Art Museum on the campus of the University of Louisville in Louisville, KY. 

I had the pleasure of speaking on a panel of sneaker and culture enthusiast on the evolution of sneaker society. It was truly amazing to see how some people never knew there was even a culture behind sneakers. Each panelist spoke on the good, bad and ugly times with their experience with the industry and culture. 

Post discussion tours of the "Out of The Box" exhibit were given, an overview of sneaker history. 

Timothy WestOut of The Box