"All Aboard The Stankonia Express"

You can thank Andre "3" Stacks for the title........

"Humble Mumble"

2011 Volkswagen Comfort Coupe

Nickname: (Shelby) The hood reminds me of a Shell Toe Adidas.

5 years prior to this photo I took a photo of this vehicle in Tallahassee, FL. As time went by the picture vanished from my memory. 5 years later it was time to retire my 2000 Toyota Camry. Ruby (Camry) will always be bae,lol. We've shared some great times and trips together. Browsing the web for a new vehicle I stumbled upon the beauty before you. It was a hidden gem, I told myself she was destined to be mine. I was so excited to pick up the car myself and the sales man exchanged a few words. I've only took Shelby on two  road trips so far Atlanta, GA & Cincinnati, OH. She did great. Coming back from Atlanta the snow began to fill the sky and cover the interstate, didn't make a difference she held it down and pulled through for the kid.  

Its truly a blessing to purchase such a beautiful product. A wise man once told me, "Treat your car like your woman". That is a quote that remains true for me as I share it with others. Shelby always gets a nice shower, good perfume, and only rides with the best company. I don't have her out at all types of clubs but I do show her off because I know what I got, *Wink Wink*.