What's Love Got To Do With It??

Happy Valentines Day To Me.....

Before we get into all the "I Love You once out of the year" Hooplah, I'd like to say Happy Black History Month to those that also only celebrate Black History for a month. For me Black History is my life. Its who I am everyday when I wake up. Black History is what enables me to express myself as such. Without the many black heros before me, things would not be how they appear today. Not up for debate.

I decided to treat myself to the Yeezy Boost 350. Sorry momma I had to do it. After she reads this I'm sure I'll hear her say "Really!?!? They're just shoes". You'd think she'd have this message recorded by now, lol. The Yeezy Boosts are my first pick up of  2017. As a former sneakerhead and now connoisseur/influencer it is my duty to own a pair of these iconic sneakers. 

Why is this sneaker iconic??  The Yeezy Boost is a collaboration between rapper Kanye West and International Athletic Brand Adidas. This is not the first collab for Kanye. The Kanye collabs began with Nike and soon there after inking a deal with Adidas.   

 I had mixed feelings about this purchase. No it wasn't the price, style, or color but the politics involved with Party A or W in this case . Here recently after winning the presidency of the United States of America President Donald Trump and Kanye West shared a day in the curiously funded Trump Towers. This really bothered me. A rapper that I had full support for teams up with the enemy!!! No Way Jose!! I took it to heart not only cause he's making us West look bad but the African American Community. Not saying I know what their discussions detailed but I'm really thinking it had anything to do with the Advancement of Black people. This stunt makes us divisible as a unit.  

Message to the African American Community: 

Together We Stand Divided We Fall #Black365