Trade Deadlines..........

With the 10th pick in the 1987 NBA Draft, The Chicago Bulls select Horace Grant!!

An NBA Champion, An All Star some say, The Best Mid Range Shooter Ever, Dude was Definitely MONEY as they say on the court.

The sports world today is something close to a drama serious. I mean honestly; Do you think we could please get back to the actual sport fellas?  Quite frankly I blame the media. Its their job and craft to push the smallest action of literally some of the worlds biggest people. All the discussion about trade rumors is flooding the sports streams. Currently Melo wants out of The Garden, Lebron is requesting a play maker even with a returning all star cast, and folks are still Upset, Disgusted & some Joyful about the trade of Kevin Durant to Dub City; Joining an All Star cast himself. This makes me think about the other key player to Championship teams who faced conflict for their trade arrangements. 

Horace Grant a 4 - Time NBA Champion. Three with the Bulls and one with the Lakers. Guess who else was along for the ride. I'll give you a hint, He and Carmelo Anthony are not getting along very well. Yep, Phil Jackson a legendary coach and NBA Champ with the New York "KnickerBombers" , You know back when "The Garden Was Eden". Any who back to Horace or as most ppl recalled him "The Guy With The Goggles". Shortly after winning his last Bulls championship he traded to Orlando for the newly franchised Orlando Magic. He joined the ranks alongside a Young Penny Hardaway, and a Slim, Monstrous, Seven Foot Basketball Unicorn Shaquille O'Neal. They were Young, Fast, and Flashy. Horace was the missing peace to push them further into the playoffs essentially the finals. It was his wisdom and NBA Finals experience that led to the Magic making it that far as such a young franchise. Saying all this to say Not all powerful trades to already powerful teams is always bad. Some guys are just there to nail a few mid range jumpers and serve as guidance for the younger players in their first rodeo. 

Timothy WestThe Amway Arena